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ANA ROŠ x MIJ x UFO watch.taste.groove = one wonderful evening in Bratislava

At the end of October 2019 was organised one special event we were lucky to participate on! Do you know which one it was? Have you been  the lucky one to be there?


World’s best woman chef Ana Roš with her Hiša Franko restraurant visited restaurant UFO watch.taste.groove in Bratislava.


UFO is member of World Federation of Great Towers and it's iconic restaurant at the top of tower standing in the middle of bridge. Crazy right? 


Ana brought her own ingredients from Slovenian mountains to let us feel the real taste of nature. Natural traditional approach to food fits perfectly with natural handcrafted tableware we have :-)


Take a look below to the menu and imagine the taste of this experience! For more moments scroll to small gallery below.

  1. Lamb brain bigne
  2. Parsley cracker with smoked pit cheese
  3. Čompe s skuto
  4. Cuttlefish lard
  5. Game sashimi
  6. Roasted cabbage, beans, pig’s head sausage
  7. Roebuck
  8. Revolution of Kobariški štruklji




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