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Foodstyling Workshop 1/2019 Košice, Budapest, Bratislava

Perfectly made foodstyling becomes more important from day to day - as we live in time of Instagram and Influencers and everything has to look perfect on photos, even restaurants have to work on their foodstyling presentation, because in today's world your foodpresentation matters a lot and makes quit big part of success!


People live today on their social webs and judge mostly on first look, they even choose if they will visit your restaurant depending on your visual presentation, not on the taste or references you have.


Because of it Chefcourse s.r.o. organized second round of foodstyling workshop at the end of January in Košice (Slovakia), Budapest (Hungary) and Bratislava (Slovakia), which theme was Modern Foodstyling. It was lectured by Petr Heneš which is ambassador of tableware brand Made In Japan and which is master of modern foodstyling and its trends. He has 4 years of experiences from restaurants in Austria, several-months intership experiences from Indonesia, Canada, Argentina or Brasil. He is chef in pop-up experience project Forbidden Taste and in other projects like Dvůr Perlová voda, Olivův pivovar or Long Story Short.

Between 22nd and 24th of January we welcomed in Košice, Budapest and finally in Bratislava chefs and managers from restaurants like Bistro BLANC, Geronimo Grill & Bar, Pestucci bistro, Pestucci restaurant & pub, DoubleTree by Hilton , Park Inn by Radisson, Regal Burger, Třebovický mlýn, TOKIO Budapest, or foodblogers like - Martina Grňová or Patrícia from Hitjezdravozit, and many others.


On each date Petr served 3 courses - soup, main course and dessert, which he prepared on his own way, sharing tips and ways to do with all participants. After his own worked participants had option and possibility to take part on competition in best foodstyling of actual course. They could choose from prepared plates and bowls Made In Japan and in case of win, the winner´s gift was the very same plate that was choosed for serving.


All courses were variations of local traditional recipes only from local raw materials, except one, where Petr used St. Jacob's shells.


First dish - SOUP - was traditional slovak christmass soup from sour cabbage, but made by original and non-traditonal way of serving, including above mentioned shells, mushroom, bacon powder or bacon jam.


Second dish - MAIN COURSE - was duck chest made in sous-vide, then roasted on pan, with grilled Jerusalem artichokes, beetroot sauce and jam.


Last one was DESSERT from whipped cream, coffins and strawberries made on 7 ways - fresh, lyofilizied, jam, foam, paper, strawberry dust and nitrogen modified strawberry gel.


You can see and judge yourself in photogallery below how it went. We think all participant were very creative and active and the atmosphere was just amazing and friendly! We would like to thank to everybody who came and we will be more than happy to meet you and new faces again in the future workshops!

These workshops were organized by Chefcourse s.r.o., exclusive importer and distributor of handmade ceramics Made In Japan. Chefcourse has been importing tableware from Japan since 2016 in partnership with tableware importer and distributor MIJ who is importing tableware and ceramics to Australia from Japan for over 30 years already.


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