Minimal price of the order is €50 / 1500 Kč

MIJ copperation with Makro Akademie!

Makro Akademie is based in the central of Makro Czech Republic which is in Prague´s district Stodůlky. They organize many kinds of events like workshops for professional and non-professional chefs, chef´s dinners and many more.


We have supplied our tableware from some of past events and of course, we will be part of future events too. Between all we can notice Chefs Dinner, which takes place each year and is very popular. Workshops like Jednoduché-moderní-inovativní bistro jídla ze zvěřiny or Originální kuchyně Petra Kunce from last year season were excellently casted and occupied. Chefs lecturing these and other workshops are best in their work and we are happy to supply them our wonderful tableware to show, how can great plating work look on colorful plates, not only on white simple plates - that it is even better!


Take a look on this small gallery of dishes plated on our tableware during mentioned events - we hope, you will enjoy it!

MAKRO Czech Republic has thirteen wholesale centers in the Czech Republic. These centers are focused on the wholesale sale of a wide range of food and non-food consumer goods to registered businesses, particularly traders and companies engaged in catering.


Chefcourse s.r.o., is exclusive importer and distributor of handmade ceramics Made In Japan. Chefcourse has been importing tableware from Japan since 2016 in partnership with tableware importer and distributor MIJ who is importing tableware and ceramics to Australia from Japan for over 30 years already.

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