Minimal price of the order is €50 / 1500 Kč

MIJ products in MAKRO!

MIJ tableware in Makro Stodůlky!

Fantastic news for MIJ tableware! We have been listed in Makro Czech Republic with our two most favourite collections -  COPPER SWIRL and MATT .

Both collections are now available in Makro Stodůlky in Prague!

It was a long way to finish this deal to successful end. We started cooperation with Makro Czech republic in February this year, and the offer was mix of few collections and products. But now, 10 months later, we offer 2 collections, both very impressive and perfect for every foodstyling - at your restaurant, hotel, café, or even at home too! 

You can choose from various sizes and shapes of plates and bowls, with no restrictions about combining them into set or not. Specifically you can find directly in store following shapes and sizes of MIJ tableware: dinner plate with 29 cm diameterdinner plate with 25 cm diameter, serving bowl with 28 cm diameter, plate with 20 cm diameter, small 13 cm bowl, medium bowl with 20 cm and 16 cm diameter, and so on.

And if you need more reasons for a trip to Makro store apart from buying fantastic looking tableware then check this out. In this store you can get great free! food from chef Lukáš Lang (previously executive chef at Orea and Cafe Imperial) that is served - you guessed - in MIJ tableware.


MAKRO Czech Republic has thirteen wholesale centers in the Czech Republic. These centers are focused on the wholesale sale of a wide range of food and non-food consumer goods to registered businesses, particularly traders and companies engaged in catering. 


Chefcourse s.r.o., is exclusive importer and distributor of handmade ceramics Made In Japan. Chefcourse has been importing tableware from Japan since 2016 in partnership with tableware importer and distributor MIJ who is importing tableware and ceramics to Australia from Japan for over 30 years already.


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