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Foodstyling Workshop in 2 weeks in Košice, Budapest and Bratislava!


After successful foodstyling workshops that we have organized last year in Bratislava, Slovakia and Prague, Czech republic we are happy to announce new workshops.

This time we will have workshops that will present latest trends in foodstyling and plating to chefs in Kosice, Slovakia; Budapest, Hungary and Bratislava, Slovakia.

Workshops will be led by chef Petr Henes - one of the rising stars in Czech gastronomy. Petr is famous for his work for Forbidden Taste (premium Czech food pop up project) and opening and leading few successful restaurants like Dvůr Perlová voda, Olivův pivovar, Long Story Short. In many of his projects he used MadeInJapan tableware and very naturally he became ambassador of MIJ tableware brand in Czech and Slovak republic.


Our foodstyling workshops are designed especially for chefs but will also be beneficial for managers and owners from HoReCa who are looking for inspiration for their business. All techniques and plating will be presented on MIJ tableware.

The aim is to inspire chefs to develop new and creative forms of work with food and a way to serve it. At the same time, the goal is to show that gastronomy is undergoing change and development, and that the time when small portions were eaten on a large white plate is long gone. All dishes will use tableware Made In Japan that is imported directly from Japan by

Price is 29€/per person, but for registered participants it is FOR FREE! 


Registration and information about foodstyling workshop in Košice:


Registration and information about foodstyling workshop in Budapest:


Registration and information about foodstyling workshop in Bratislava:

These workshops are organized by Chefcourse s.r.o., exclusive importer and distributor of handmade ceramics Made In Japan. Chefcourse has been importing tableware from Japan since 2016 in partnership with tableware importer and distributor MIJ who is importing tableware and ceramics to Australia from Japan for over 30 years already.


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