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Are you still serving your dishes on plates? What about to try bowls? They are so variable!

Many of restaurants, except those of asian cuisine, serve their dishes mostly on flat plates, or deep plates with some kind of wide rim to serve their soups. But trends are moving forward and bowls begin to be more and more popular nowadays!

We believe this trend makes sense - bowls are so variable! With only one size of bowl you are able to serve many variants of dishes - or you can use various sizes in same time, your menu will be perfect all the time. So how can you use them?

Large bowls

We will start with Large Bowls first as we want to show you, that main dishes are perfect for them! We offer various kinds of them - serving bowls, ramen&udon bowls, "soup" bowls and many bowls which are not typical in its shape. 

Serving bowls are large enough to keep a lot of food with their (mostly) 29 cm diameter , so you can make big amount of pasta or salad and give it in the middle of the table to share - everybody will add on his plate as much as he wants and needs. The atmosphere will be more like "at home" and friendly! What do you think? Or if you like to serve your food separated - use it for decorations - with fruit or flowers.

In case you do not like such big bowls (29 cm is quite big), large bowls like those for ramen, udon, soup, or similar - are perfect not only for the purpose which calls to its names. We can not imagine better tableware for example for pasta or salads, risottos look luxury in it, noodles and poke bowls are perfect for it too!


Medium bowls

Bowls with diameter between 13-20 cm, or Medium Bowls, are perfect for breakfast menu´s for various breakfast/ buddha/ smoothie bowls, but also for soups, small salads, noodles or food like curry and similar, where is a lot of sauce. You can add to it small bowl with rice and the dish is perfect and so different immediately!


Small bowls

Nothing is easier than to find use for Small Bowls. Their diameter is no wider than 13 cm, but still they can be made in various sizes. Even only 13 cm bowl, but deep enough, can take 500-600 ml of food! U-shape or V-shape bowl are deep and are perfect for small breakfast bowl, for rice as side dish to main course, for snacks, small soups, etc.

In case of flat based small bowl, they are perfect for sauces, icecream, nuts, small parts of food for example in sushi restaurants (pickled ginger, wasabi, soy sauce) or for small pieces of fruits.



Flat bowls or plates with high rim

Special kind of bowls are Flat Bowls, or sometimes known as Plates with high rim - perfect for risotto´s, pasta, salads, any kind of breakfast bowls, but for example for classical main dishes (not only for those with sauce inside!) - high rim keeps everything safely inside the bowl and is easy to impress your guest with them because of its unusual shape! 



Source of photos: MIJ archive, @beautifoodsk, @hitjezdravozit, @inspired_kitchen, @ladisslove, @ochutnej_vietnam, @thesoulbowl - keep your mouse cursor for a while on the photo to see the author´s credit


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