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TOP 10 Foodstyling Photos from MIJ Instagram - DECEMBER!

Which were TOP 10 foodstyling photos on Instagram of #madeinjapaneurope in December?

December is not only about Christmas and New Year's Eve, but everybody is waiting for it, to be honest, and the time is more festive in those days. When we look at the selection of Best foodstyling photos from our IG account, the first we have on our mind is - that December was in the name of making simple (and mostly very traditional) dishes very special and modern-looking way!

Did you eat Langoš like in The Velvet Bratislava? Or do you prepare forest fruit like Ladislav Floreán? If you do - we envy you! :)

Keep your mouse for a while on the photo and you will see the author´s credits.


Tableware on the photos (in order of appearance):


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