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Top 10 Instagram Foodstyling photos - JANUARY!

TOP 10 foodstyling photos - which were the best on our IG in January?

New Year, new challenges, new tastes? Many of us try to get on diet and lose weight - when the old year is gone, then our extra kilograms should too! Or was your new year resolution to eat better but in the interesting way - not dieting, but enjoying every dish - and not only by taste, but visually too? Then you are on good address and our selection will fit your taste :)

We like the way of innovations in well-known dishes like Mac'n'cheese by Entrée Restaurant Olomouc, or Colory Sushi by Lukáš Neckář, or simple fruits with fruit-powder by Ladislav Floreán. And drinking in Operation Dagger in Singapore looks like a dream!

Keep your mouse for a while on the photo and you will see the author´s credits.


Tableware on the photos (in order of appearance): ; 


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