C3708.front 1 800px
Large Bowl, Bronze Converging, 29 cm
In stock (160 pcs)
Code: C3708
Large Bowl Herringbone, INDIGO IKAT, 20 x 8cm
In stock (80 pcs)
Code: C6425D
c0657 profile 800px
BB BLACK Ramekin 8,5 cm
In stock (336 pcs)
Code: C0657
C9017 2 800px
EARTH & SKY Medium Bowl 16cm
In stock (325 pcs)
Code: C9017
C1438.45 1080px
Sand FADE U-shape rounded bowl 11 cm
In stock (95 pcs)
Code: C1438
C1939 45 1 1080px
Swept Earth Rounded Edge Bowl 17 cm
In stock (28 pcs)
Code: C1939
C1394.side 800px
BB Black U-shape Bowl 15,5 cm
In stock (7 pcs)
Code: C1394
C9022 2 800px(1)
Earth & Sky Flat Base Serving Bowl 29 cm
In stock (7 pcs)
Code: C9022
C7972 B 800px(1)
Off White Sauce Dish Offcentre 9 cm
In stock (163 pcs)
Code: C7972
Ibushi Black rectangular Sauce Dish 13x9 cm
In stock (66 pcs)
Code: C7937
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c0657 profile 800px
BB BLACK Ramekin 8,5 cm
In stock (336 pcs)

Ramekin in black colour with pattern of structured surface. 

Code: C0657 1080px

Bowl set Black&White Sakura Design is hand made from first class ceramic material. The set includes four bowls - two in shiny white colour with black sakura flowers and two...

Code: C0318 1080px

Bowl set is made from quality ceramic material in simple and elegant design. The set includes four bowls with pattern of stylized flower. Each bowl is different colour - black,...

Code: C0306
C0615 45 2 1080px
Code: C0615

Bowls of different shapes and sizes for presenting your delicious meals as well as enjoying it. Tall, shallow, large, medium, small, plain and with pattern. Also available in sets.