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C6876.452 1080px

Large flat bowl, which can be used as a plate with 28 cm diameter from the collection Meteorite.

Code: C6876
C6873.front 800px

Large rectangular plate with a patchy edge from the collection Meteorite.

Code: C6873
C6867.front 2 800px

Large 30 cm diameter plate from the collection Meteorite.

Code: C6867
C6869.45 1080px

Small open-shaped cup for traditional Japanese sake. Each piece is unique.

Code: C6869
C6870 5 800px
Meteorite Sake Jug Medium
In stock (139 pcs)

Medium size sake bottle in interesting grey color from collection Meteorite. 

Code: C6870
C6871 3 800px
Sake bottle Meteorite
In stock (24 pcs)

Sake bottle in interesting grey colour from collection Meteorite. 

Code: C6871

A freeform range that embodies the irregularities of wheel-thrown ceramics with a flawless matte glaze finish.