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Round bowl Turquiose, 9 cm
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Small bowl in turquoise colour with delightful minimalistic shape.

Code: C7238
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Wonderful round plate in turquoise colour.

Code: C6864
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Round dining plate from the collectionTurquoise.

Code: C6860

Turquoise large serving bowl for your best experience from serving food!

Code: C6865

Rectangular plate for sashimi sushi from the collection Turquoise with curly edge.

Code: C6862
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Rectangular plate from the collection Turquoise with a patchy edge.

Code: C6863
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This plate is perfect for serving sushi, but can also be used for many other occasions.

Code: C6861


The collection of Turquoise dishes is characterized by an extraordinary color treatment. The colors of this dish are in the shades of turquoise and blue, and they refer to the times hundreds of years ago when skilled potters were making their products more like works of art. This collection includes square and round plates and a special sake set.