How to redeem gift voucher


Have you received our gift voucher? Then you are in the right place.

MIJ is an online store with the premium handmade Japanese ceramics. Read more about MIJ's story here.
Of course, we also offer premium customer service for our customers.

Therefore, the terms and conditions of using our vouchers are NONstandard and MORETHANstandard.

Gift voucher terms & conditions

Voucher validity period
is unlimited

The voucher can also be used
on discounted products

It can also be combined with other discount codes
or gift vouchers.

How to redeem our voucher:

1. In the first step when placing an order, in the cart, in the field "Insert discount coupon" (the field will become visible after you check the "I have discount voucher" box) enter the voucher code, which you will find on its front side.

2. Gift voucher can be also combined with another discount code. If you have a discount code, insert it in the first step in the field "Insert discount coupon". To make use only of the voucher gift, please enter this information together with the voucher code in the additional remarks section in the cart in the third step (after you enter your contact data). Choose "bank transfer" as your payment method. Finish placing the order and wait. Our Customer Service Department will contact you soon.

3. If you don't know what to do, please contact us. We'll be happy to help You.