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C7161 1 800px

Small round bowl with a patchy edge from beautiful collection COBALT BLUE.

Code: C7161
C7171 A

Dark cobalt blue color of this mug looks like deep sea water and because of it is this mug mesmerizing. This cup will be a beautiful decoration for your...

Code: C7171

Rectangular sashimi plate from the collection Cobalt Blue with a patchy edge.

Code: C7169
C7159.front 1 800px

Sauce dish from wonderful collection Cobalt Blue. 

Code: C7159
C7157.front 800px

Oval plate from the beautiful collection COBALT BLUE.

Code: C7157
C7167.front 1 800px

Rectangular sushi plate from  beautiful collection COBALT BLUE.

Code: C7167
C7163 C

Oval bowl from beautiful collection COBALT BLUE.

Code: C7163
Bowl with irregular rim Cobalt Blue 22 cm

This ceramic bowl is inspired by japanese nature. Cobalt blue colour, surrounded by earthy colour tones, reminds of water sprouts or deep forest lake and will catch your eye....

Code: C7151
C7149.front 1080px

Round plate with an unequal edge from the collection COBALT BLUE.

Code: C7149
C7155.front 2 800px

Round bowl with a patchy edge from beautiful collection COBALT BLUE.

Code: C7155

Cobalt Blue 

Cobalt Blue utensils have a similar design to the Sky Blue collection, but instead of turquoise colors, it is made in shades of darker blue. The view into the bowl from this collection evokes a view into the deep sea bay with gray stones on the coast. There are square and round plates available, and also includes various bowls too.