Product care

MIJ tableware is in most cases ceramics and therefore require a little more carefulness than bone china porcelain. Do not be afraid, 35 years of experience in restaurants is validation of a quality.

Follow these simple rules and these beauties will last your lifetime:

  • Do not use in an oven (usually radiant heat over 70 degrees Celsius may cause crackles)
  • Do not use overly abrasive cleaners - save the scourer for your pots
  • Avoid temperature shocks – We understand the tempting quickness of microwaving your unfinished lunch right after taking the plate out of the fridge. But rather don’t.
  • Ceramic is not steel. Be careful to chipping that can be caused by hitting the plate to harder objects


Majority of MIJ products are Dishwasher & Microwave safe. Surprisingly including chopsticks and rough surface products such as Stone Slab line. 

Specific glazes that require more attention:


Try to avoid microwave, heating lamps and dishwashers with temperature above 50 degrees Celsius. Products will survive, there just might be a risk of opening cracks creating a space for bacteria and oil stains.


Regular glaze is missing and is a component of clay itself which creates amazing natural and matt tones. To avoid oil stains we recommend to lubricate the plate with oil before the first use. Create your own wholesome stain on your plate!

Black Scroll, Lopsided, Ibushi Salt&Pepper shakers, Turquoise, C5466, C0752, C1364, C7649, C5465, C6869, C5452, C5212


Dishwasher is not recommended. Definitely not on a regular basis.

Cobalt blue, Sky Blue, Akane Grey, Earthy Green, Fade, Matt&Shiny Black, Modern, Stone slab:


These pieces have little glaze or bright base where scratches may occur more often. Try to avoid high pressure and hard material from which paint can chip.