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C7233.front 1080px
Code: C7233
C7477.side 800px

With this cup your coffee or tea will taste better. Design piece with handle and irregular edge. 

Code: C7477
C7234 A

Unconventional mug with a handle. Every piece is an original.

Code: C7234
C7479 B 1

Mug from which your coffee will taste even better. Design piece with patchy edges and a handle.

Code: C7479
C7476.side 800px

Mug without a handle from which your favourite hot beverage will taste much better immediately. Design piece, each one is original.

Code: C7476
Cup with saucer set MIKASA toffee

Cup with a saucer in toffe colour from Mikasa manufacturer. Each piece is unique.

Code: PB0102
C7654 green 800px

Mug with a very unusual handle for your favourite hot beverages. Each mug is an original.

Code: C7654
Cup, TEA CUP, green with pattern

Mug with a handle for your favourite beverages. Each cup is an original.

Code: C7232
C7782 A 1080

Mug with a handle and a patchy edge. Small white detail makes this cup very unique. Each piece is an original.

Code: C7782
C5355.front2 800px

Original and unique mug with patchy edge in wonderful color combination. Brother of this mug without handle.

Code: C5355
C1754B.front2 800px

Mug with a handle and picture of cute blue monkey will be the favourite one for kids since now!

Code: C1754B
C1754R.front2 800px

Mug with a handle and picture of cute red giraffe will be the favourite one for kids since now!

Code: C1754R
C2522 B

Cup with a handle with unique design is from the collection MATT.

Code: C2522
Large Cup, TEA CUP, mint and salmon

Mug with a cup in trendy colours. Mint and salmon colours are IN. Each cup is unique.

Code: C7637
Large Cup, TEA CUP, salmon and grey

Mug with a handle in trendy colours. Each piece is unique.

Code: C7638
Mug COLOURBLOCK – blue, tall

Nostalgic rendition of the 70th blue mug.

Code: C5227B
Mug COLOURBLOCK – blue, wide

Nostalgic redition of the 70th blue mug.

Code: C5226B

White, ceramic mug with beautiful motif of flowers from the line White Blossom.

Code: C2489
C1375.front 800px

Perfect mug with handle from collection Black Scroll.

Code: C1375
C7230 3 800px
Mug with handle SKY BLUE
In stock (208 pcs)

Colours of this mugs with handle remind of a sand quarry with crystal clear, light blue water. Blue colour is in such an interesting shade, that evokes the sea,...

Code: C7230

Small cup with traditional pattern of dragonfly. 

Code: C9605
Small cup Kasuri Scroll
In stock (9 pcs)

Small cup with blue scroll pattern on white background. 

Code: C9604
Tea cup, ink blue, 6,5 cm

Mug for tea in dark ink blue colour.

Code: C7722
Tea cup, yellow, 6,5 cm
Tea cup, yellow, 6,5 cm
In stock (2 pcs)

Mug for tea in intensive yellow colour. 

Code: C7725

Enjoy your favourite tea or coffee from these practical mugs. Thanks to the handle you won't burn your hands even if you like your beverage hot hot hot.