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C9050 4 800px

Beautiful dinner plate from collection Aurora with 25 cm diameter. 

Code: C9050
C6328 A

B-Quality Round plate with irregular edge from the MODERN collection. Pieces with small grey smudges on the glaze - all visible on the photos.

Code: C6328B
C3724 A

This plate is inspired by traditional japanese paintings from long gone centuries. White blossoms of japanese cherry tree are put on light blue background and evoke calm and...

Code: C3724
C9011.front 1080px

Dinner plate from collection Earth & Sky. 

Code: C9011
C3811.front 1080px

This large round plate with shiny rim comes from the Matt collection and will look nice in rustic and modern kitchen, especially if you add other tableware in similar colours....

Code: C3811
C6342 Aa

Large round plate in black matt colour is from the collection Modern. Each piece is unique.

Code: C6342

Large round plate in white and grey colour with a special effect, which looks like a cracked glaze. The plate has uneven shape and its design is unique.

Code: C6939
C9024 1 800px

Dinner plate with diameter 25 cm from traditional collection Nin-Rin.

Code: C9024
C6125.front 800px

Round plate from the collection Black Pearl with 25 cm diameter.

Code: C6125
C3803.front 1080px

Round plate from the collection Copper Swirl with 25 cm diameter. Each piece is an original.

Code: C3803
C6417 800px

Big round plate in dark green colour from the collection EARTHY GREEN.

Code: C6417
C6924 1 800px

Round plate from the collection Craft Black with diameter of 25 cm with a special high edge.

Code: C6924
C7590 2 800px

Round plate with high rim from the collection Craft White.

Code: C7590
C7644.front 800px

Big round plate with a patchy edge in sand colour.

Code: C7644
C2452.front 800px

Round plate from the collection Tenmokku with the diameter of 25 cm.

Code: C2452
C6328 A

Round plate with irregular edge from the MODERN collection. Every piece is original.

Code: C6328
C3795.front 2 1080px

Dinner plate with 25 cm diameter from collection White Star. Its rugged surface with motif of stars will make your dish special!

Code: C3795

Plates of different shapes and sizes for presenting your delicious meals as well as enjoying it. Round, rectangular, flat, with high rim, plain and with pattern.